Pet friendly

Being family-friendly and extremely animal-friendly, we have our own stables on the property housing our two loving "Haflinger" mares named Korinta and Melody who both enjoy being lovingly stroked by our guests.


We also welcome the children to join us in the mornings before breakfast, or in the evenings before dinner, as we feed them in the stables. They love eating bales of healthy hay and straw, and not to mention a fresh apple and a handful of green grass. They thereafter enjoy their well earned summer holiday up on the Alm in Pfossental (Schnalstal), where the guests are more than welcome to pay them a visit. It is the perfect hiking tour for the whole family on a warm summers day.

  • Pferde und Tiere im Hotel und Pension Valtnaungut in Lana, Untekrunft, Südtirol
  • Das tierliebe Valtnaungut mag seine ganzen 4-Beiner.
  • Das tierliebe Valtnaungut mag seine ganzen 4-Beiner.
  • Auf  Wanderungen durch die unberührte Natur fühlen sich Hund und Herrchen wohl.
  • Da hat sich wer schick gemacht für eine Wanderung im schönen Südtirol..
  • Kater Hugo im Hotel u. Pension Valtnaungut in Lana, Südtirol
  • Unser neuester Gast im Valtnaungut in Lana bei Meran. Herzlich Willkommen!

 Our much-loved four-legged guests!

We have two goats named Mitzy and Blacky. Blacky is extremely naughty as he always escapes the boundary fence and nibbles on the lush greenery on the other side. The grass is always greener ...


Our three little "tigers" on the loose are "Hugo" (our black panther, or so he thinks), Minnie 1 and Minnie 2 (both being black with white paws.)

And therefore, also your four-pawed beloved friends, be they big or small, are most-welcomed guests at our house!


Our newly renovated rooms have wooden floors and spacious balconies, making the rooms ideal for animals too! Your pet is even welcome to join you on our terrace!