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Sustainability is based on the principles of environmental, social and economic responsibility. These three aspects form the basis of what are commonly referred to as the three pillars of sustainability - environmental protection, economic development and social justice.

"Be the change you want to see in the world. " Those who change themselves change the world. The future belongs to the brave!

We rely on the following principles

• Work in a resource-saving way! There is no intermediate cleaning with linen change in the room, as well as in the holiday flat. (only as required)
• Increasing the well-being of our employees and our family
The well-being, health and appreciation of our employees and our family is very important to us. We therefore completely dispense with room cleaning once a week. We are also trying to allow more free time for our family. We ask for your understanding
• Reduce unnecessary power consumption! The power supply is interrupted when rooms are empty
• Reduce water consumption! We ask our guests to use this precious "commodity" sparingly.

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