Much loved by all our visitors, are the many hiking routes in the area. For those who wish to go for a short hike, you don´t have to go too far.  After a short climb up the hill behind our house you will reach an idyllic route at a height of 450m. This runs alongside fruit trees and grapevines and allows a 360° view over the whole Etschvalley. Along the 13km long route are many typical stopover possibilities to enjoy an appetiser and tank up some energy for the route ahead!

For those who wish to enjoy somewhat gentler hiking routes, there are the many ancient water channel paths. Romantic strolls along flowing water streams are most definitely something for all to dream about. Along these paths are many wine-taverns and coffee shops or restaurants where one can stop for a bite to eat at lunchtime. To mention some of these walkways: the Marlinger, Algunder, Verdinser, Schenna-Waalwege.

  • Wandern in Lana, Pension u. Hotel Valtnaungut, Unterkunft in Südtirol
  • Wandern in Lana, Waalweg in Tscherms, Pension Valntaungut

Why not start your hiking excursions on the nearby Marlinger water channel paths?

One of the favourite easier wander routes is the Tappeiner Promenade which enables one to walk all the way from Algund through Meran to Dorftirol. A must do for all.. 

And as for hikers that are drawn by exhilarating heights, the nearby mountain cableway "Vigiljoch" will bring you to the most breathtakingly artistic hiking trails with beautiful views all the way over the Dolomites, a small mountain lake and other day tours at a height of 1800m.

Another must for all guests is a drive into the oldest valley of South Tyrol, Ultental. Here it appears that the times have stood still! A perfect way to spend the day here would be to hike from one farmstead to the next, taking a moment to admire the old shingle roofs, flowering fields with flowing streams and listen to the cowbells as they ring over ancient churchtowers and forests. One of the highlights of this circular-route are the famous Ancient Larch Trees, the oldest trees of Europe.

Wandern in Lana, Hotel Valtnaungut Pension, Unterkunft Südtirol

Impressive mountain peaks (many yielding the famous peak crosses), and breathtaking views from a height of up to 3500m for those that are experienced, demanding mountainclimbers. 


For more super tips for the best hiking routes, the owner Helene is always available!