Our horses

We are not only family-friendly, but also animal-friendly. We have our own stables on the property with two "Haflinger" mares named Korinta and Melody. Our two horses, eagerly awaiting a little visit from the children, and they are most definitely thankful for every bit of petting that they can get!

  • Pferde in der Pension u. Hotel Valtnaungut, Unterkinft in Lana
  • 02/02

One of the highlights is to help with the feeding of our horses either before breakfast or in the evenings.

They both look forward to being gently stroked by our guests from mid September till the end of May. We also welcome the children to join us in the mornings before breakfast, or in the evenings before dinner, as we feed them in the stables.


They love eating bales of healthy hay and straw, and not to mention a fresh apple and a handful of green grass. They then enjoy their well earned summer holiday up on the Alm in Pfossental (Schnalstal), where the guests are more than welcome to pay them a visit. It is the perfect hiking tour for the whole family on a warm summers day.