General weather today:

Dry and warm air masses will determine the weather conditions.

General weather tomorrow:

High pressure, stable conditions.

Weather tomorrow:

Sunny weather with some harmless cumuliform clouds in the afternoon.

Weather today:

In the morning clear sky, in the afternoon some harmless cumulus clouds.

Das Wetter HEUTE Temp. min.:  7°
Temp. max.:  24°

Das Wetter MORGEN Temp. min.:  8°
Temp. max.:  25°

Mountain weather today:

Mountain weather tomorrow:

Temp. at 2.000m:  
Temp. at 3.000m:   -2°
0° limit:   2700 m
Temp. at 2.000m:  
Temp. at 3.000m:   -2°
0° limit:   2800 m

Weather development:

10.04. 11.04. 12.04.
Wetter Entwicklung  10.04. Wetter Entwicklung  11.04. Wetter Entwicklung  12.04.
Temp. min.:  1° Temp. min.:  2° Temp. min.:  2°
Temp. max.:  25° Temp. max.:  23° Temp. max.:  23°
Source: Hydrographic office Autonome Provinz Bozen - South Tyrol