General weather today:

Low pressure conditions.

General weather tomorrow:

A low pressure system over the Mediterranean Sea causes a striking weather event.

Weather tomorrow:

During the day widespread snowfall, in the valley of Pustertal dry until the evening. Partly heavy snowfall overnight.

Weather today:

In the morning temporarily less intense snow fall, in the afternoon again widespread and heavy precipitations. Level of snowfall between 200 and 1200 m, in the East partly over 1500 m.

Das Wetter HEUTE Temp. min.:  1°
Temp. max.:  3°

Das Wetter MORGEN Temp. min.:  1°
Temp. max.:  3°

Mountain weather today:

Mountain weather tomorrow:

Temp. at 2.000m:   -6°
Temp. at 3.000m:   -10°
0° limit:   900 m
Temp. at 2.000m:   -2°
Temp. at 3.000m:   -7°
0° limit:   1400 m

Weather development:

06.12. 07.12. 08.12.
Wetter Entwicklung  06.12. Wetter Entwicklung  07.12. Wetter Entwicklung  08.12.
Temp. min.:  -4° Temp. min.:  -5° Temp. min.:  -5°
Temp. max.:  6° Temp. max.:  6° Temp. max.:  6°
Source: Hydrographic office Autonome Provinz Bozen - South Tyrol