General weather today:

Low pressure conditions and humid air masses determine the weather over the Alps.

Weather tomorrow:

Many clouds with only some sunny spells. Last rain showers in the morning are possible. In the afternoon again rain showers. Föhn winds in the northern valleys.

Das Wetter HEUTE Temp. min.:  13°
Temp. max.:  22°

Mountain weather today:

Temp. at 2.000m:  
Temp. at 3.000m:  
0° limit:   3000 m

Weather development:

21.09. 22.09. 23.09.
Wetter Entwicklung  21.09. Wetter Entwicklung  22.09. Wetter Entwicklung  23.09.
Temp. min.:  5° Temp. min.:  5° Temp. min.:  6°
Temp. max.:  23° Temp. max.:  23° Temp. max.:  22°
Source: Hydrographic office Autonome Provinz Bozen - South Tyrol